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Home » News » 15-inch MacBook Air was reportedly found in testing, but without M3 chip

15-inch MacBook Air was reportedly found in testing, but without M3 chip

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The 15-inch MacBook Air from Apple appears to be coming soon, but it may not include the much-anticipated M3 chipset.

This fresh leak comes from one of the better known sources for Apple gossip, Mark Gurman, who reports through Bloomberg that new Macintoshes are being tried with macOS 14, and that one of those is a gadget that is “liable to be the 15-inch MacBook Air”.

Notwithstanding, Gurman proceeds to say that the puzzling new machine is outfitted with a processor that is “on par” with the ongoing M2, and that has the equivalent loadout of centers (8 for the computer chip and 10 for the GPU). In addition, we are informed that the M3 SoC will be “coming later,” although the precise date is unknown.

Gurman claims that the new machine could run with a display resolution of 3024 x 1964, as seen with the MacBook Pro 14-inch, which is better news regarding the machine’s possible display specifications. However, keep in mind that if the panel were slightly larger, it wouldn’t look quite as sharp (though, to be fair, it would still be sharp enough).

The launch date is also discussed, with the idea that, given that the 15-inch MacBook Air appears to be undergoing testing, WWDC, Apple’s major developer conference in June, might be the best time for an announcement.

Another rumor about the MacBook Air 15’s launch date comes from display analyst Ross Young, a well-known Apple leaker. This coincides with that potential launch time. He stated last week that panel production for the 15-inch MacBook Air is currently being increased in anticipation of its upcoming release. Young thinks that the new Air could be out next month, but the big reveal at WWDC in June would probably make more sense.